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My Best Memory

On the night of 26th October, just three days after the partial Covid lockdown in the city. My friends conspired a plan, which eventually became one of the best memories of my life. Aniket sounded terrified on the call and asked me to come down to the nearby hospital.

As terrified as I was, I immediately hopped on my bike and drove toward the hospital. It was dead dark already with rain pouring down mercilessly. Luckily the jacket I had was half saving me from rain, but the roads weren’t really cooperative though. After 20 mins of cautious yet urgent riding, I reached the place. At the front of the gates, I saw three worried faces. They still didn’t reveal much. I kept enquiring to understand what happened. But eventually, they all broke their sad faces and started laughing. I couldn’t believe their audacity to make such an insensitive excuse. Well, they all acted up brilliantly!!

Now, I do not like to be celebrated, which is why I have never had big celebrations on my birthday. And, maybe that’s what my idiot yet dearest friends realized it. They had brought the hot soup Maggie, bread omelets, and a few cupcakes. Just the way I like it! Covid plus rain plus the uncertainty of life that was around that time. Now that’s the deadliest combination we had seen in our lifetime. But, then again what’s life without a little risk?

As we live through life, we make many memories and some memories make us the way we want to live. Some are extremely joyous and some might downtrodden us. But the good ones always stay near to heart and they are worth mentioning over and again. This birthday shall be one of those best memories, for life.


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